Saturday, July 24, 2004

Comfort Eagle

So today is another day at work.  I have decided to listed to some Cake and I am really enjoying it.  I just discovered that Cake has a new album comming out on Oct. 5th and since I enjoy Cake that made me happy.  Iam planning on seeing the Bourne Supremacy tonight and I'm really excited.  Looks like it's gonna rain today.  That would make my walk home really wet.  Oh well!!  No one is only to talk to so I guess I'm kinda bored.   Well I think that concludes my entry for now.  Hope you are all in good health and having fun.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Men and Cooking

In this present ago of equality I think that it's high time that the average man know how to cook.  I personally find cooking to be relaxing, fun, confidence building, and also a great way to bring friends together.  This past year I have been living in an apartment so I have been cooking a lot.  Now I don't boast a huge or even a moderate recipe mastery list.  I am not ashamed to cook from a cook book or get recipes from Being still in college I know that most guys know absolutely nothing about cooking.  My roommate Tim and I have thrown a few parties where we have offered food that we have made and at each party people have complimented us on our cooking.  One of our neighbors,chalupa, also happens to be a man who knows how to cook.  If you have never attempted cooking before and have no idea where to start any good cooking book, such as Betty crocker, will help you with your first attempts at cooking.  One of my favorite methods of cooking which I am good at is grilling.  Now for your novices you might not want to start your grilling experience with something as complicated at chicken or a brat, but start with something a little more easy such as a hamburger or hot dog.  I would also recommend trying to mix the meat with other spices and sauces before grilling to make the burger taste better.  For great hamburger recipe's I would suggest checking out and looking at anything by Rachel Ray for hamburgers as she has really good recipes.  For necessary cooking utensils I suggest at the very least (assuming that you have a range) a set of pots (one large for stews, one medium for pastas, and one small one for sauces), a large skillet, a set of measuring cups, a set of measuring spoons, some mixing spoons, a pasta spoon, a ladle, a few spachulas in varying seizes, tongs, a cutting board, a few different knives (consult the store owner for knife choices), a grille, a few cookies sheets, and a 5x9 casserole dish.  With these basic kitchen utensils you can make a lot of different dishes.

A Plumb to Chew On

Well I would like to welcome myself to my new blog site.  That being said I am going to take the time to tell you about my awsome night last night.  The day started out as any day does. I woke up after a late night of drinking, which is new for me this summer, and frizzolf (as frizzbe golf is called here at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana).  I went to work at 10. I work in our campus' student union manning the desk where people rent pool equipment, cards, ect.  So basically I sit for about 5 hours and get paid for it so I'm not complaing.  After work I went home and relaxed untill 5:30 p.m. rolled around at which time I let my home for Noblesville, IN.  Anyone who knows anything about concerts in Indiana knows that Verizion Wireless Music Center is Indiana's foremost outdoor concert arena and it is located in Noblesville which is exactly where I was headed.  As you may be able to guess from my blog title, my favorite band is Incubus and it just so happend that they were playing at Verizion last night.  My seat was right next to the stage, the closest I've been at any of the three Incubus shows that I've been to, seat 15 in row H of section C.  The concert was the best show that I have ever seen.  Incubus played for about 20 minutes when horrizontal rain caused the show to be put on hold for a few minutes.  When Incubus returned they rocked the house for another hour before callint it quits close to 11:00 p.m.  If you have seen Incubus before or have never seen them live in concert and are considering attending one of thier shows, take my advice that no matter how much the ticket is the show is definately worth every penny.  Each time I have seen Incubus in concert I have not been dissapointed at their stellar performance, but this show was by far the best I have ever seen.  My favorite part of the show, if I was forced to pic a favorite, was the rythum jam  session put on by Jose, Ben, and Brandon.  It was so tight!!